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Back when I was running servers we had shops that used chests and people built their own buildings, market areas to sell items, towns set up a general store of a kind to sell
stuff to their residents. Players who wanted to sell flowers or dyes, wool or other speciality items could physically create one in the world and all people from the server could buy from there.
The player shop in place right now does a good job of quickly setting up a shop but because there are so many its hard to remember what people have and most shops are just empty.
I feel this will selling items as a more viable money making method for people on the server and a more creative way to sell items.

This plugin looks like the same as the one I used however it has been a long time and things could be a little different but the same functionality is there.




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Thank you for the suggestion, we did in fact, have this plugin initially but it was glitched and no work had been done to fix the issues which is why we now have the PS shop plugin. In the future we are planning on looking into physical shops again, so watch this space!