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Transport Pipes.

Sick of loading stuff into chests one by one? Look no further, we have transport pipes now!
Here's a quick guide to get you started and at the bottom of this page is the Spigot link to further help if you need it (images of the pipe recipies are here too)

Things you'll need for a set up

Gold Ingots
Iron Ingots
Redstone Dust
Redstone Torch
Chests (ones you have already work fine)
Lots of space

There are different parts;

Wrench: Use this to use the interface of golden pipes
Pipe: Transport pipe, can use ice pipes for faster transporation
Golden Pipe: Sorting pipe. Use this to send items in specific directions
Iron Pipe:- One way pipe. Use this to send items one way and stop them going backwards, the yellow part of the block MUST be facing the direction you want items to go in, use wrench to move the yellow face.

The general idea -

Set up a chest with a pipe coming out of it in whatever direction you wish, once you are satisifed with everything, you just need to power the pipe coming from the chest you will drop everything into, use normal or ice pipes to transport items to chests, use golden pipes to seperate items into different chests, if your chests are stacked on top of each other, you'll need an iron pipe coming from the golden pipe and into each chest in the stack otherwise the items will go back and forth and into any chest in the stack, if your chests have a space between them you will be fine with just transport pipes going into each chest.

Link for the Spigot Transport Pipes Plugin:-

***Please note***
You do not HAVE to use this plugin, there is nothing stopping anybody resume the original way of storage organisation.
This plugin may be confusing and difficult to get your head around initially, make sure you read the guide thoroughly and give yourself time to troubleshoot and make mistakes.

If you need any further assistance or have any other questions please feel free to speak to BeMyEscape or TheJargen in game.
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