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The server is going to be reset, so everything will be new, everyone will have to start from scratch. I am VERY aware this is going to be a 50/50 response and I'm probably going to be disliked because I've made this decision and this will drive people off of the server (more on that below), however, despite all of that, I felt it had to be done.

Please note that anyone that has donated will still have their perks, you will not have to donate again, if you don't have your perk on login please let me know and I will make sure you get it back promptly.

With the amount of spawned in / cheated in items still hovering around and amount of world edited buildings / bases / creations was just getting silly.

The server suffers from bouts of lag also, the total reset will fix this, there won't be as much space going to waste, towns won't be so close (there is going to be guidelines implemented to ensure towns do not end up a few blocks away from each other).

Anti cheating plugins have been implemented, x-ray mining will no longer be able to happen thus lowering the amount of insta-perm bans. Cheating in general will be drastically lowered due to the plugins.

Shops will be less cluttered and will once again make sense.

To the players this will drive away, I do apologise that such drastic measures were taken, unfortunately we cannot please everybody, some things things just have to be done. We've all worked hard on our bases and gathering everything we've got, but, there's nothing stopping anyone making something bigger and better, and most of all, legitimately. If you do choose to leave the server, thank you for choosing us at one stage, it was a pleasure meeting you & I wish you well with your future endeavours, you know where we are should you want to return.

The new server will be up and useable in a couple of days, the current map will be made available to anyone that wants it but please be advised it is 15+ gb, so you will need time and space to download it.

Watch this space for any and all news regarding the new map.

Thank you.
Gemma (BeMyEscape)
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