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Minecraft Name: Mikel_
Ban Reason: X-Ray
Date of Ban: Unknown but within the Last Week
Why Should We Un-Ban You?: Honestly, there is no reason for you to un-ban me. However, I have really liked this server and its community, but I do admit to using x-ray. I am sort of using this appeal as a guilty plea and, for a couple reasons, I have semi-recently uninstalled these modifications. I did not uninstall the modifications I used just because of my ban, but I actually uninstalled them earlier due to my fondness of this server and the underlying risk of a ban from using these mods but also because of virus complications that became relevant because of the mod I installed. I do not request an immediate unbanning and do believe that certain punishments may be and probably should be enacted. However, I do not believe, or would like not to believe that a permanent ban is just.
Any further information we should consider?: I do really like this server and if its any consolation I have never intended my illegal activities to get out of hand to the point where the economy would be damaged or other people injured. I installed the mod for one reason and it was because I suck at mining, and once I had a acceptable, but not ridiculous number of resources, I quit using the mod even though it was still installed until the pre-mentioned reasons facilitated me uninstalling it.
I hope that one day I will be able to rejoin this server. And, although I know there is no way you can trust me, I beg that you would give me a second chance. And if, for some odd reason I do end up hacking again, I would be more than welcome, although upset, to receive my final banishment since by hacking again, I would be risking infinitely more time and resources than the first time since I was new and hopeless when I first hacked. And even if you do end up banning me again, its as easy as /ban (or something like that) and you have lost nothing but a server member while I have lost a great community.


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Just to update you, this is currently being looked into, you'll hear back in a day or so what the outcome is.